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  • What does a professional organizer do?
    I work closely with clients to create organized and functional spaces within their home. I specialize in decluttering, sorting, categorizing, and creating efficient systems for managing belongings. My goal is to help you maximize your space, reduce clutter, and create an organized environment that suits your specific needs and lifestyle.
  • What areas of my home can you help with?
    I can assist with organizing various areas of your home, including but not limited to: Closets and wardrobes Kitchens and pantries Bedrooms Bathrooms Home offices and workspaces Living rooms and entertainment areas Garages and storage spaces My expertise extends to all parts of your house, ensuring that each area is optimized for efficiency, functionality, and visual appeal.
  • How much time will my project take?
    The amount of time a project takes depends on the size of the room, its current state, your goal for the space and your motivation level. During our initial consultation, we will establish the services that meet your goals and I will do my best to provide you with an accurate time estimate.
  • Can you help with moving?
    Decluttering and Sorting: I can guide you through the decluttering process, help you make decisions, and streamline your possessions before the move. Packing and Labeling: I can assist in categorizing and packing items systematically, ensuring that they are properly protected and labeled for easy unpacking at the new location. Unpacking and Setup: I can help with unpacking and setting up your space efficiently. Time and Stress Management: Moving is stressful, but I can alleviate some of that stress by providing support, guidance, and expertise. I can help you stay organized, help you manage your time effectively, and reduce the stress associated with moving.
  • Do I (the owner) need to be present?
    Ideally you will be available, especially during the decluttering stage to make decisions about what stays and what goes.
  • Do you work with people who have ADHD?
    Absolutely, I can help by creating systems tailored to your unique brain. Here are some of the specific ways I can help: Understanding ADHD Challenges: I have worked with individuals diagnosed with ADHD across the lifespan and have a good understanding of the challenges they face and tailor my approach to suit the client's specific needs. Setting Realistic Goals: People with ADHD may struggle with maintaining focus and easily become overwhelmed. I can help with realistic and achievable goals setting by breaking larger tasks into smaller, manageable steps. Creating a Clutter-Free Environment: Clutter can be particularly distracting for individuals with ADHD. I can assist in decluttering spaces, organizing belongings, and finding suitable storage solutions to reduce visual distractions. Establishing Systems: I can help create personalized organizational systems based on a client's wants and needs. These systems may include labeled containers, color-coded folders, and easy-to-follow routines to maintain order and consistency. Time Management Strategies: Managing time effectively can be challenging for someone with ADHD. I can introduce tools and techniques to help the individual with planning and scheduling activities, such as using timers, visual cues, or digital calendar apps. Ongoing Support: Change doesn't happen overnight, especially for individuals with ADHD. I can offer ongoing support, regular check-ins, and adjustments to ensure long-term success.
  • Do you clean?
    I tidy up and broom clean or wipe down the area I am working on so you can see and feel your organized space. However, I am not a cleaner and do not do any scrubbing or deep cleaning. I can absolutely point you in the right direction for those services.
  • Do you take away donations?
    I remove a carload of donations per session. If you have an excess of donations, garbage and/or recycling I can provide ideas for removal services.
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