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Laurie and Steve S.

Wesley was literally a professional moving lifesaver!
We recently downsized from our house of 50(!) years to a nearby remodeled condo. We didn’t realize that sorting, packing, moving, unpacking is an equally daunting process, whether moving 2 miles or 2,000!
Interestingly, we kept staring at all of the pre-moving and estate sale mountains of stuff and the stack of empty packing boxes, saying to ourselves that we’ll tackle them tomorrow, except that “tomorrow” was nearly moving day!
Wesley was like a moving catalyst, going room by room, with kitchen last, carefully wrapping, boxing and labeling everything to be moved. She did such a wonderful job of packing, that we also utilized her unpacking and organizing skills at our new condo, which was especially helpful with kitchen stuff.
Bottom line, we literally couldn’t have kept our sanity without her easy going professional assistance!

Mara F.

I can’t speak highly enough of my work with Funktional Spaces. Wesley is a pleasure to work with and was an absolute pro with any project we threw at her. From closets and drawers, to the storage room and garage—the woman is a genius with organizing, decluttering, labeling and somehow keeping the whole process enjoyable. She even got into the nooks and crannies of our kids rooms, and worked one-on-one with each of them, making them happy, active participants in our family project. Not only is Wesley approachable and positive, but she brings fun to the task at hand.
Wesley is a wonderful sounding board on what to relocate, donate, trash or give away. Culling our belongings and creating a proper place for things, has freed up my energy to focus on the other things I want to be doing.
Working with Wesley not only improved the systems we use to organize our stuff, it put the spring back in my step.  I would recommend her services to anyone looking to change their relationship with their stuff and their space.

My husband was ambivalent about this process when we started. Now he says Wesley was the best possible person for the job. He adds that the results are good and he’s grateful for our work with her.  We recommend her wholeheartedly. 

Dr. Green

When downsizing from a large house, a  professional organizer is essential. Wesley is efficient, non-judgmental, and fast. She packs valuables safely. best of all she is a pleasure to work with. my moving was much easier with Wesley’s aide. I highly recommend her for any job large or small.

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